One Trinity Green

One Trinity Green: Helping the Environment

As well as its excellent facilities and support services, One Trinity Green features state of the art environmental energy systems, offering service users the chance to significantly reduce the impact their business has on the environment as well as gaining a green advantage.

Reducing the impact your business has on the environment is something which is becoming increasingly important in light of the global economic crisis, and locating your businesses at One Trinity Green can help you to achieve this.

Giving your business a ‘green’ advantage will also offer marketing opportunities to enhance your business reputation to customers, suppliers, investors etc, something which can only be good for business!

Systems at One Trinity Green include the use of natural ventilation to control heating and cooling, natural light in the reception area, a roof terrace to increase biodiversity and solar panels on the roof generating 20 per cent renewable energy. The building is also super-insulated to protect it from excessive heat gains.

For details and availability, or to request a tour of One Trinity Green, call us on 0191 481 3310  or email