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Recruitment and Skills

South Tyneside Employers – do you have a recruitment need or skills gap?

Now more than ever, we understand the challenges employers are facing and we want you to have the ability to recruit, retrain and upskill as needed to adapt to the changing needs of industry. 

South Tyneside Council is committed to supporting the borough’s business community, ensuring that employers have a labour force with adequate skills and the right people to help grow your business, support our residents with good, quality, and sustainable opportunities and to grow our local economy. 

We have introduced a new recruitment offer to support you with your workforce and skills needs.

Invest South Tyneside - Business Support - Recruitment and Skills 2

Business Centre worker on call

Our free, confidential service can be tailored to your needs offering a range of services.

  • Recruitment support and guidance
  • Access to local candidates
  • Free advertising of your vacancies
  • Pre-screen of suitably matched candidates
  • Recruitment event collaboration
  • Access to local, quality assured training providers
  • Apprenticeship support and guidance
  • Skills support addressing skills gaps and future needs.

If you have any current or future openings in your business to offer a work placement, apprenticeship, or employment opportunity, or you would like an informal chat around skills, contact our Skills Development and Business Engagement Officer, Claire Cook.