Port of Tyne

  • Port of Tyne
  • Location: Tyneside
  • Year Established 1968
  • Number of Employees:
    • 474 Direct Employees
    • 14,700 Indirect and induced employment supported by the Port’s supply chain

About The Company

The Port of Tyne is one of the UK’s major deep-sea ports – a vital trading gateway to world-wide markets.

Port of Tyne Aerial Estates Map

Port of Tyne offers unrivalled agility, security and flexibility for shippers, major manufacturers and retailers – handling a wide range of cargoes including cars, containers, bulk commodities, offshore and renewables – in-addition to tailored multimodal logistics. It also operates an international passenger terminal with a growing range of cruise operators and a daily ferry service together with a portfolio of commercial.

Why South Tyneside?

Port of Tyne Control Offices

South Tyneside combines a vibrant, strong and engaged business community. Underpinned by a skilled and committed workforce, businesses in the borough are dedicated to development and regeneration, through pioneering technology, science and engineering. Businesses can befit from excellent connectivity to major transport routes and world-class centres of education. Surrounded by dramatic coast and countryside South Tyneside is a great place to live, work and do business.

The Port of Tyne’s prime location on the North East coast provides unrivalled connectivity through a network of road, rail and sea routes. Offering services for both import and export, the Port of Tyne offers global connections.