Port Of Tyne Supports Local Young Peoples Festival

Port of Tyne is pleased to announce the continuing financial support of local venue, The Customs House, for their annual Takeover Festival and Mean Teens Breakdance Jam. 

The Takeover Festival was launched in 2015 and has grown to become an event which showcases the work of under 25 artists from across the North East who are specialise in film, music, dance, poetry and theatre projects. The event also hosts a number of competitions, including the Mean Teens Breakdance Jam.

The Breakdance Jam was created when young people in the region outlined that there was an unmet need for this type of activity in South Tyneside. The competition provides a safe space for young people of all abilities and backgrounds to come together and create an inclusive community through breakdancing.


Funding from the Port of Tyne covered judge’s fees, travel costs so dancers were able to attend the event, and the prize money for the winning group. At this year’s event, young people from all over the North East, Leeds, Bradford, Wales, Derby and Bournemouth attended to compete in the Mean Teens Breakdance Jam. There were 14 pairs competing with around 30 dancers taking part in the ‘open floor’ throughout the day. This year’s winning pair was Jetzai and Finn from Bournemouth, closely followed by JnrBoogie and Kai from Derby and Wales.

The wider role of the Takeover Festival as a whole is to provide young people in South Tyneside with the opportunity to experience the arts as a viable employment route by allowing them to meet and work with international artists. It has empowered previous members to find employment in their art, overcome mental health challenges, gain work-based skills or just find a social connection with other link minded young people.

Louise Tinkler, Director of Human Resources at Port of Tyne, commented:

“We were thrilled to support The Customs House again this year with their annual Takeover Festival and Breakdance Jam. The Customs House really allows young people across our communities to come together through the arts which is great to see. “

Fiona Martin, Deputy Director of Learning and Participation at The Customs House, commented:

“We were delighted to be supported by Port of Tyne to enable us to deliver a high quality event and to showcase the amazing talent that there is within the young people’s breakdance scene. The level of skill and performance was incredible, and we were proud to host Mean Teens at The Customs House.”

Paul Martin, Event Producer at Just Jam Int, commented:

“Just Jam and Bad Taste Cru are very happy that Port of Tyne have supported this event and our wider breakdance community as a result. We have been able to bring together young people from all over the country to share and showcase their amazing skills. With breakdancing becoming an Olympic discipline and set to debut at the Paris 2024 games, we hope that events like Mean Teens can be the starting ground for future Olympians as well as providing an authentic hip hop cultural experience. Thank you Port of Tyne.”

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