Vicki Morrison, Managing Director of SafeSol

SafeSol Supporting South Tyneside “Welcoming Places”

A team of South Tyneside-based chemists have their sights set on helping families and businesses stay warm in winter by making water wetter.

SafeSol, which specialises in the creation and supply of water disinfectants and system descalers, has developed a product to increase the efficiency of any water-based heating system – saving energy, money and reducing carbon emissions.

The company – created by chemist Bob Wilson in 2004, who now runs it alongside daughter Vicki Morrison, also a chemist – has been based at South Shields Business Works for the past eight years, moving into several offices as the firm, which currently employs four people, expanded.

SafeSol launched Delta T in November 2022. The product changes the properties of water, increasing its surface area and ability to get into minute cracks and crevices in heating systems, allowing it to significantly boost system efficiency up to 25%.

The product, 15 years in the making, has been launched at the perfect time, as people and organisations address rising energy costs and reduce carbon output.

Vicki Morrison, Managing Director of SafeSol
Vicki Morrison, Managing Director of SafeSol

Managing Director Vicki said:

“Now more than ever it is vital that we look at ways to save – oil, gas, money, time, anything. This chemical not only helps make systems become more efficient, it has a significant environmental impact benefit too.

“The basic concept is that water isn’t as wet as people think. The droplets you see on car bonnets or windscreens are almost spherical. By making it “wetter” or changing the water’s properties, it increases contact with a surface, ensuring water reaches the nooks, crannies, crevices and cracks in a system, which may sound a small benefit but delivers a big impact.”

SafeSol is working with Durham County Council, running a Delta T pilot project in one of its rural offices. In live tests, Delta-T saved the Council £14,288on its annual energy costs while reducing C02 output by 29 tonnes. Likewise, at NHS Castlehill Hospital, adding the product to the heating system at 1% system volume created a saving of 11.3% – or £3,200 on heating costs – as well as a 2.6-tonne reduction in C02.

Vicki said:

“The introduction of the product delivers real impact. We work with organisations to assess their systems’ heating capacity and volume and ensure the precise amount of chemical is delivered to the system, but our household product can be bought off the shelf and as long as the system is water-based, it will work.

“Quite often, you may not be able to get solar panels on older buildings or introduce modern measures that help drive up energy efficiency or lower environmental impact, so this product offers a solution to help older, energy inefficient buildings operate more effectively.”

SafeSol has also signed up to the South Tyneside Pledge and is kindly donating Delta T, which can also be utilised in chilled systems to improve energy efficiency, to the Council’s “Welcoming Places” – free areas where residents can warm up, save money on heating costs and avoid social isolation.

Vicki Morrison, Managing Director of SafeSol with Cllr Margaret Meling, lead member for Economic Growth and Transport at South Tyneside Council.
Vicki Morrison, Managing Director of SafeSol with Cllr Margaret Meling, lead member for Economic Growth and Transport at South Tyneside Council.

Cllr Margaret Meling, lead member for Economic Growth and Transport at South Tyneside Council, said:

“SafeSol describes itself as “the clever little chemical company”, but this clever little company’s innovation can provide a huge impact for us all as we look to make savings in the current cost of living crisis and do our bit to drive down carbon emissions.

“It’s fantastic to see this forward-thinking, solutions-based company thriving in South Tyneside and supporting the South Tyneside Pledge. The Council Business Team has a great relationship with Bob and Vicki and we look forward to working with them as they continue to grow and expand the company’s product line.”

Bob has over 50 years’ experience in the water treatment industry, working as an expert witness on high-profile Legionella cases. He’s helped companies save money via his advice, products and knowledge. SafeSol distributes its product range to UK and overseas markets.

Like her father, Vicki boasts a Chemistry Degree, and is focused on providing solutions to specific problems and finding better solutions to those currently on the market. For instance, SafeSol has Introduced a silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide Huwa-San to the UK market for water disinfection.

Vicki added:

“We create products that we hope will be better, safer or less environmental impactful than what is currently on the market. As chemists, we are always looking at how we can use different chemicals or chemical processes to improve, enhance or replace products currently on the market or solve specific challenges, and we look forward to many more years of doing just that in South Tyneside.”

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