South Tyneside Council Cllr Paul Dean with staff at ITC Services

ITC Service’s Sustainability Journey

A South Tyneside company has taken the next step in their sustainability journey by installing solar panels on the roof of their office.

ITC Service’s solar array was installed in the summer of 2023, and has so far generated 25 000kWh of electricity, which has offset an estimated 5600kg of CO2 emissions in addition to the savings to their electricity bills of roughly £2000.

113 panels were installed by one of ITC Service’s customers, AR Power. At 410W each, the array has a total generating capacity of 48kW and represents the latest development in their Net Zero transition. The company also installed LEDs in their office as soon as they moved in but didn’t stop there.

ITC Service’s Technical Director, Christopher Potts, has been a leading light in progressing the company’s environmental credentials.

“When I think about how climate change has affected the world even in my lifetime, I worry for the future. I think that I should do what I can to help, in our own way.”

South Tyneside Council Cllr Paul Dean with staff at ITC Services
From left to right: Christopher Potts, ITC Service’s Technical Director; Councillor Paul Dean, South Tyneside Council; Loren Charlton, ITC Service’s Business Development Executive; Peter Anderson, Managing Director and Connor Thomas, Marketing Manager

Christopher got his first electric vehicle in 2014, he continued:

“It was not easy then! ITC started to adopt my passion for a clean planet in 2016 when we got our first electric commercial vehicle. Since then, we have invested a lot in more electric vehicles, solar, green suppliers, carbon offset, team incentives and battery storage this year”.

The company are now also aiming to offer employees the chance to go electric with a salary sacrifice scheme through Octopus Energy, to complement the charging facilities they have already installed at their office. Of course, their almost 50 employees are encouraged to take advantage of the company’s cycle-to-work scheme, or car share too!

ITC Service’s solar array at Monkton Business Park

Not satisfied to just focus on their energy (which is of course on a renewable tariff) and staff travel, ITC Service also pay close attention to their waste. As well as the recycling facilities in the office, ITC Service has also invested in a workshop and has adopted a policy of ‘fix first, recycle later’, with the aim of minimising their e-waste. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, with a nomination for the North East Automotive Alliance Environmental & Sustainability Award in recognition of their efforts.

ITC Service, who have been based out of Monkton Business Park since 2017, now boasts almost all of the solar capacity in the business park. Christopher hopes his ambition can inspire others to follow their lead:

“If every business owner had the same attitude, the industry would grow faster, create more jobs, and the pace would massively advance the technology. We could all achieve a more sustainable and happy future. Just like ITC Service’s approach to our customers, I want every interaction to be positive, in every way possible”.

Councillor Paul Dean, Lead Member for the Voluntary Sector, Partnerships, and Equalities, at South Tyneside Council said:

“One of the commitments within the South Tyneside Pledge is to lower carbon emissions, and Chris and the team at ITC Service are clearly doing all they can to achieve this.

“It’s a great example of how we can all take steps for the common good.

“As a council, we have set our own ambitious carbon-cutting targets and we aim to lead by example, championing a greener, cleaner future for our Borough.”

South Tyneside Council have developed a business toolkit that offers advice and support to any business interested in reducing their energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions. This can be found at:

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