Business Talks

Business Talks: The South Tyneside Pledge

Organisations across South Tyneside have signed up to the South Tyneside Pledge, committing to do everything they can to spend, recruit and support the local area to help residents and businesses.

Ian Farrar chats to Geoff Thompson, Chair of South Shields Football Club about the SSFC Foundation and how working with partners they are looking to raise aspirations and improve health and wellbeing amongst young people in the borough.

Michael Dickson, Chairman of Dicksons, joins the Business Talk alongside Carl Buckley, Managing Director of Urban River, and Charlotte Brown, Chief Commercial Officer, Port of Tyne.

Sign up to the pledge

By signing the Pledge you are stating that you will do everything you can to spend, recruit and support our local area, helping South Tyneside’s residents and businesses.

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