Glendale Service's Dave Curry and team, who have signed the South Tyneside Pledge.

Glendale Countryside Ltd

Glendale hiring local people and even buying local trees!

Glendale Countryside Ltd has been providing grounds maintenance and tree care services on behalf of South Tyneside Council for over two decades.

It was the end of the last century when Glendale first started working for South Tyneside. Seven years ago they added grass-cutting to their local duties.

Now they’re taking their commitment to the area to a new level by signing the South Tyneside pledge. The pledge aims to encourage organisations to focus on community activities and practical steps such as local procurement and recruitment in order to help South Tyneside to thrive.

More widely, the pledge helps support small businesses to bid for opportunities with larger employers. In addition, companies are encouraged to implement a climate change action plan that includes carbon reduction targets and environmentally-sustainable supply chains.

Next year, Glendale, which employs 47 staff in South Shields of which 45 live locally, will create a Social Value Champion to drive their commitments forward. Glendale will begin delivering quarterly career guidance for local people looking for work. Alongside that, it will organise and host annual social and community projects such as horticulture workshops, community clear-ups and rewilding projects.

In addition, as part of the current seven-year contract, Glendale will provide six new apprenticeships.

Glendale Services General Manager Dave Curry said:

“We have long served the people of South Tyneside in our day-to-day work. Sometimes that’s routine grass cutting and tree care – sometimes it’s Glendale staff turning out at 2am when high winds have damaged trees and there’s a threat to people or property.

“Ninety-five per cent of our staff coming from South Tyneside tells its own story. We want to build on this commitment to South Tyneside, to continue to recruit locally, contract locally and give back whenever we can.

“In fact – just like people – we even source trees as locally as possible because they are used to the climate and adapt quickly!”

Glendale Services
Glendale Service’s Dave Curry and team, who have signed the South Tyneside Pledge.

Cllr Tracey Dixon, Leader of South Tyneside Council and Chair of South Tyneside Partnership said:

“Glendale work so hard to keep South Tyneside looking so smart and welcoming. Just as that helps raise spirits and instil pride in local people – it also creates a positive impression for visitors.

“Glendale’s commitment to this area and their focus on local recruitment speaks for itself. Now, they want to give even more to South Tyneside and we’re so delighted to have them take the pledge!”

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Organisations, public and private, big businesses and small firms, can sign up at any time and become part of the Pledge South Tyneside network at

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